About Bee

I am a contemporary mixed media fine artist with over 25 years of art, design and advertising experience. 

I am inspired by the world around me. A blooming flower, an architectural element, unique and colorful advertising signage...anything can inspire me to create.
My design process begins with a specific subject or color pallet. I often begin by painting single motifs using gauche or acrylic. I scan the painted motifs into Photoshop where I digitally modify and merge the image with previously painted acrylic washes, pastels, alcohol inks, and monoprints. To finish the art, I use digital textures and Photoshop brushes to add that special touch.
My artwork comes to life on fabric, wall art, gift products, or mailed to a friend as a special greeting card.
I am a Colorado native. My family and I are fortunate to live in the awe-inspiring foothills of Boulder. I enjoy taking frequent creative retreats to Santa Fe, New Mexico and to the soul-satisfying beaches of Florida’s Gulf Coast. 

I share my home with 4 frisky Alaskan Klee Kai pups. They keep me smiling with their daily antics and infectious energy.

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